Omikai StoreFront is an all-in-one platform for online sales for B2B and B2C.

  • Public and private stores where public stores can be accessed as a guest and a private store requires login granted by the administrator.
  • Each store can contain different collections of products and pricing can be tailored to each company group.
  • Flexible integrated online design to create print-ready originals.

Job Automation

The job automation handles the processing of files from sales and order to production or prepress.

  • Pass files to an FTP or file server on the companies network.
  • Open integration with workflow systems.
  • Open machine integration.


The CRM module handles all your customer relations.

  • Handle companies relations with categorization and segmentations.
  • Infinite amount of contacts and addresses with individual categorization.
  • Build stakeholder relations between contact from a company.
  • Work with deals to bundle quotations and orders.
  • Track performed and upcoming sales activities to analyze the progress and result  of your sales pipe.


The Calculation module handles estimating and pricing of production.

  • Advanced configuration to handle all types of production scenarios.
  • AI-based workflows to support automatic production scenarios and cost/time comparisons.
  • Hourly cost calculation on production machines.
  • Work with markups or customer specific price lists to define pricing.
  • Procurement module to handle external work.
  • Pre-calculation to analyze each job for profitability, production time and production plan.

Planning and Scheduling

With the planning and scheduling module, you can schedule all activities within your business.

  • Individual planning of single orders.
  • Batch planning of multiple orders including pre-sorting.
  • Detailed re-planning on a single planning card or a whole sequence.
  • Load balancing of production through grouping of planning cards based on production place or operator.
  • Multiple calendar views like day, week, month, list or gantt for better overview of your production.


Overview, control and time reporting in production.

  • Reporting on time and material consumption.
  • Manual operator reporting.
  • Automatic start and stop operations through API-integration with production machinery.

Stock and Purchase

In the Stock and Purchase module you handle your procurement of raw materials and warehousing of raw materials and finished goods.

  • Stock level and stock value of all articles.
  • Automatic purchase calculation based on order reservation, stock level, inbound deliveries and minimum quantity in stock.
  • Stock transaction log for tracking all warehouse activities.
  • Support for multiple stock and purchasing units.


The Logistics Module handles all transports through TA-system integration.

  • Integrated ordering of transports from a wide range of European carriers.
  • Integrated transport cost calculation from your carrier contracts.
  • Track and trace of transport tracking and location.


The Invoicing module handles all financial activities.

  • Single and collected invoicing.
  • Send invoices as PDF on email, print or e-Invoice.
  • Handle reminders and credits.
  • Financial reporting such as ledgers and accounting information.
  • Open integration to financial systems.

Business Intelligence

Business analysis of performance and profitability in all operations.

  • Post-calculation of individual orders showing actual post-production performance vs estimated performance.
  • Aggregated data from sales, production and management.
  • Integrated drill-down to analyze different time periods or segments.
  • Visualization in dashboards, reports and KPI’s.


Omikai ERP has an open scalable API with a leading framework, design and infrastructure.

  • Rest-API for 2-way data integration between Omikai and external systems and services.
  • Extracting data for external analysis or integrations.
  • Feed data from external system or machine integration.

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