Born in the cloud

We live and breath cloud and we were born in the cloud. Leveraging and shaping our whole build, logic and framework.

No administration, patching or updating old on premise software.

Process Optimization

Optimize your processes and avoid unnecessary bottlenecks and workarounds. Helps to scale and grow your business development.


Maintain absolute precision through the entire order flow and thereby elevating estimating, pricing, planning and finance in all operations.


Trust in estimation, profitability and planning is important key values for scaling your business. Makes it possible to make critical business decisions in all parts of the business process.


Process optimization through streamlining and standardizing operations Future-proof your business with an open scalable architecture and API Thus saving cost and increasing productivity


With an open 2-way API you have an architecture for sending and receiving data from other systems or machines. Makes it possible to build and maintain integrations over time with ease.


Omikai is an all-in-one Cloud-ERP platform for the print and pack industry accelerating sales, production and management

You are in good company


With Omikai Cloud-ERP our team is working more focused, with less administration and we have better control over the entire sales, project management and production processes.

Tom-Willy Olsen
VPK Display AS, Norway

With a more focused organization, working as one and with access to the same data where ever your are, has really helped us to focus on company growth instead of depending on others and searching for information that is now always available in Omikai.

Filip Ringqvist
CEO, Tellogruppen AB, Sweden

Today we plan production according to occupancy and use the right staff for the right job. This has resulted in better control, lower costs, better working environment with no overtime

Jonas Andersson
Project Manager, Realtryck, Sweden

The on-boarding of Omikai has been smooth and seamless. Our current setup gives us better control and better possibilities to grow our business.

Yngve Johansson
CEO, Mariehamns Tryckeri, Sweden

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